Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If you don't like how I drive, stay out of the ditches:)

The weather was so nice today after work, Eric and I decided to go walking. Abby & Anna Grace tagged along, not walking but driving the Barbie Jeep. They think they are really exercising:) We walked until it was nearly dark, so we were trying really hard to get back to the house. Eric kept telling Abby to stop and wait on cars because they were coming from everywhere. At one point he made her pull over in someones yard and stop because she has selective hearing, ya know? Anyway, once he told her she could go, she literally tried to jump the deepest ditch on Cooter Road. She made it okay, but she lost her passenger in the process:( Anna Grace slipped out of the side of the Jeep and did several flips before Eric scooped her up. It was sad but so funny; we all got so tickled. Well everyone except Anna G.
So, I am thinking Abby might follow in her daddy's footsteps~she would probably be good. She drives extremely fast and takes curves really well. It wasn't her fault Anna G flew out, those darn Jeeps should come with Seatbelts...hah!

....thank God we have 10+ years to work on this:)

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Christy said...

LOL. Well get Kaleb with Abby to go riddin. They will have a BLAST!. I cant wait. That is so funny.