Friday, March 27, 2009

Sarah & Dylan

Tonight I attended the visitation of a very young woman. 32 I think~the mother of Sarah & Dylan. I got to know these two kiddos last year at church. I taught the childrens choir and they attended our church for a short time.

Dylan and Sarah found their mother dead on Wednesday morning. They are so young, Dylan is probably in his pre-teens & Sarah is 10. When I hugged Sarah tonight, I squeezed her so tight and didn't want to let her go. I just wanted to scoop her up and take her pain away. I know exactly what her pain feels like; having lost a parent myself. I know how hard it was for me, and I have a family of my own. I can't imagine being so young and innocent, and not having one of my parents. To know that they would never walk through our door again.

We are not promised tomorrow; it may never come. I am so thankful for my salvation & to know that we do have hope in Jesus Christ. If my tomorrow isn't on earth, it will be spent in Heaven for eternity.

Please pray for these two and their entire family. Pray for strength and peace, that only God can give.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet Fairies

My Aunt Teresa took these fairy pics of the girls last weekend. I had the outfits and she had the background, so it worked out perfectly. She did a great job, by the way. Both Abby & Anna Grace look very innocent in these pics~I think they are priceless. Anyway, just had to share them with ya:)
**thanks Aunt T......we luv you:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If you don't like how I drive, stay out of the ditches:)

The weather was so nice today after work, Eric and I decided to go walking. Abby & Anna Grace tagged along, not walking but driving the Barbie Jeep. They think they are really exercising:) We walked until it was nearly dark, so we were trying really hard to get back to the house. Eric kept telling Abby to stop and wait on cars because they were coming from everywhere. At one point he made her pull over in someones yard and stop because she has selective hearing, ya know? Anyway, once he told her she could go, she literally tried to jump the deepest ditch on Cooter Road. She made it okay, but she lost her passenger in the process:( Anna Grace slipped out of the side of the Jeep and did several flips before Eric scooped her up. It was sad but so funny; we all got so tickled. Well everyone except Anna G.
So, I am thinking Abby might follow in her daddy's footsteps~she would probably be good. She drives extremely fast and takes curves really well. It wasn't her fault Anna G flew out, those darn Jeeps should come with Seatbelts...hah!

....thank God we have 10+ years to work on this:)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy "Late" Birthday Big Daddy

Okay, not sure when or where Anna Grace got the name "Big Daddy", but she has always called Eric that. Each time she says it she literally laughs about this until she loses her breath..hah:) Anyway, Big Daddy's birthday was in February, but the family just got together for dinner on Saturday (hey, we are busy people). Meme (Melba) always fixes each one of us an awesome meal of our favorites at each birthday.

Big Daddy is quite the prankster, so of course he pranked Uncle Chad in December on his birthday. Well, Uncle Chad and Aunt Laura did some pranking of their own this time. In the picture is Eric's very own Victoria's Secret Bag.....with a Pink Toothbrush and a card and money of course. He hates the color Pink (refuses to wear it) & he is a toothbrush fanatic, so it only seemed fitting to combine the two. Did I mention he hates to have his picture made?? Anyhoo, good work guys:) he was def. surprised.

Happy 30th Birthday Big your girls, Abby & Anna G

PS I have no idea what he was doing in this was the best one we got:)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Thanks Aunt Laura"

Uncle Chad, Aunt Laura, Carter, & Caleb came to visit today. We celebrated Eric's birthday and had a yummy dinner. My mother-in-law Melba is a fantastic cook, I hear she learned a little something from her mother, BB. The day was spent playing outside, the evening was spent Learning-hah. Uncle Chad is a math whiz, so he gave Brittney some math pointers. Then we have Aunt Laura, our English major, who taught my oldest daughter to say "Three". Yes, I have been working hard on this one for quite some time. It always sounded like feree (as I mentioned in "100 things about me"). Aunt Laura simply said "Abby, it is like Guthrie" and then Abby said it. That was all it took-I worked for so long on that one and it was as easy as 1-2-3. I have no clue why I never thought of that one, considering that is my last name! So thanks for the free tutoring sessions the Guthrie kids had today. We owe you (maybe we will settle this with some free haircuts). I knew you all should visit more often:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Grandma Beal

Okay, I know I have already made two posts tonight. Give me a break, my kids are at Mom's & Eric is working, I had a lot of catching up to do.
These are pics of my Grandmother, Rachel Beal. She has always been an interesting lady. Not much of a kid person, although she has 8 of her own. Three years ago she and my grandfather were in a car wreck, and my grandma hasn't been the same. She suffered a blow to the head and ever since she has slowly changed. One day she no longer wants to live with my grandpa and the next she forgets who people are. She has had some funny moments, however sad too. Funny: she acts just like a kid, she throws herself on the bed and cries like a child, closes her eyes when someone is telling her to do something, & loses her glasses at least 2 times a day. Sad: forgetting the names of her grandchildren, thinking her first husband is alive (who has been dead for 40+ years), and is getting a little physical with caretakers.
I wasn't trying to make you sad, just wanted to post these pics of the girls and their Great-Grandma. I know she would love them to pieces if she was in her right state of mind. Most of the time when she is around them now, she just stares at them. Maybe wondering who they are or if they are her own children. I often think of how she must feel, Lost I'm sure.
We love you Grandma Beal

Funny Pics of the Girls

Anna Grace working hard in "the office". Notice the mis-matched clothes and headband:)
Don't ask me...this was suppose to be serious. Abby was tickled about something!

Abby and Anna Grace always want their hair wrapped in towels. Guess they want to be like mommy:)

100 things about ME

I kinda copied this from a friend of mine, Cassie. Anyway here are 100 things about me you might not know:
1. I am married to a wonderful man
2. Have 2 beautiful daughters: Abby & Anna Grace
3. and a Dog on the way (LOL)
4. after 72 hours of labor, I ended up having a C-Section
5. and 2 1/2 years later, another one
6. I am a Child of God..he is everything to me, don't know how I could make it w/o him
7. have a wonderful family
8. my Mom & Sis are my best friends
9. Lost my Dad 7 months ago
10. I miss him terribly
11. Get along with my Mother-in-Law, she is so sweet
12. Have a ton of neices and nephews
13. Derek, Landen, Brittney, Carter, Seth, Chelsea, Jake, & Caleb
14. I am in school, Abby is in K
15. I have a little brother, Stevie
16. I love sweet Tea with Lemon
17. I am addicted to it, I think
18. I love to text
19. I have a ton of them all
20. I hate spaghetti
21. I love when my kids sleep with me, I know it is a bad habit, I can't help it
22. They are so warm and sweet when they are sleeping
23. I love that Abby can't say "th" and she says 3 like "Fereee"
24. I love how Anna Grace calls electricity "Tricity"
25. I could sit and watch them dance all night long: it is the funniest thing ever
26. I love sitting outside with them in the summer until the mosquitos start biting
27. I absolutely love the Lake
28. it is calling my name, can't u hear it?
29. I love my cousins to death: Christy, Amber, Magin
30. We are all so friends
31. I hate scary movies.......Eric loves them
32. I will cry over sad movies:(
33. I am addicted to cutting & coloring my hair
34. I color it at least every other Wednesday at school
35. different colors each time
36. I use to love Soaps....can't really stand them anymore
37. I love to go mudding, or riding in the snow:)
38. I am a picture fanatic
39. just like my mama
40. hate balancing a checkbook-that is what online banking is for....hah!
41. I am 5'1.......Eric is 6'2 :)
42. I hate Baths.....they annoy me
43. Can't even relax for thinking about what I could be doing
44. I never fix my hair or make-up until I get to school
45. I know, you can't believe it, but it is true
46. I hate SCRUBS....they are fat traps, don't even realizing you are putting on the weight until you try your jeans on every Saturday....ughhh
47. Love jewelry
48. and purses
49. and shoes, a little
50. I say Freakin-A all the time
51. Can't stand to hear annoys me bad
52. Love to sing
53. Especially in the car on the way to school
54. Love Carrie Underwood
55. and Dierks Bentley
56. Talk to my mom everyday
57. Not really a Dog Fan, guess I should get over it
58. love Dancing With The Stars
59. love DVR.......I'm miserable without it
60. love a Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard from Dairy Queen
61. So not ready to wear a bathing suit this summer
62. I love that my kids have chunky legs, they are so cute
63. My oldest daughter has a BF
64. he told her he loves her:(
65. My youngest saw french kissing on tv and wants to kiss us and move her head......IDK
66. My sister is hilarious
67. We laugh at sad stuff
68. like when people fall or get hurt, I don't know why but we do
69. I didn't vote for Obama
70. Was I suppose to tell that??
71. That doesn't mean I don't support him-I pray for him every night to make the right decisions for our country
72. The economy is seriously scaring me
73. My husbands hours were so many others
74. I believe God will get our country thru this
75. I am thankful for my Christian Heritage
76. I am thankful for my hardworking husband who is working odd n ends jobs while his work is slow
77. I am thankful to be healthy and have healthy children
78. I have a big heart for children
79. We are getting a baby cousin from Ethiopia:)
80. I have a huge family
81. I married into a small family
82. I love twice baked potatoes
83. and bbq chicken made by my husband
84. slightly burned just the way I like it
85. I am a Romantic
86. my husband is not:(
87. 2 children is all I intend to have
88. I plan to own my own salon in 1-2 years
89. I am a neat freak
90. I get this honest, my mom has OCD....hah
91. I love lip gloss
92. drive an SUV
93. Can't wait for my new house
94. love Christmas morning with my kids
95. Don't have any muscles:)
96. hate cold sheets
97. love to stick my cold feet to Erics legs...he is like an electric blanket 24/7
98. hate Walmart
99. love Target
100. living my dream life:)

the end! That was hard work but anyway, it is me. Not much to it, I am a simple girl!