Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy "Late" Birthday Big Daddy

Okay, not sure when or where Anna Grace got the name "Big Daddy", but she has always called Eric that. Each time she says it she literally laughs about this until she loses her breath..hah:) Anyway, Big Daddy's birthday was in February, but the family just got together for dinner on Saturday (hey, we are busy people). Meme (Melba) always fixes each one of us an awesome meal of our favorites at each birthday.

Big Daddy is quite the prankster, so of course he pranked Uncle Chad in December on his birthday. Well, Uncle Chad and Aunt Laura did some pranking of their own this time. In the picture is Eric's very own Victoria's Secret Bag.....with a Pink Toothbrush and a card and money of course. He hates the color Pink (refuses to wear it) & he is a toothbrush fanatic, so it only seemed fitting to combine the two. Did I mention he hates to have his picture made?? Anyhoo, good work guys:) he was def. surprised.

Happy 30th Birthday Big your girls, Abby & Anna G

PS I have no idea what he was doing in this was the best one we got:)

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