Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catch Up

It has been a long 3 weeks.....(since my last post). The first week we moved out of our house, second week I had VACATION, and third was my first week of school! Which by the way, I survived was the longest week of my life, but I made it and loved every minute of it!

My Girls are doing great! Ab is doing well in school, made a 95 on her very first big test.....missed one question! Anna Grace has just been her cute typical self~she has been ill this weekend, so we are headed to the doctor:(

Abby has been wanting her pic made in a cotton field for the longest, she has figured out that her clothes come from "a field" and she is so fascinated. I have been so busy, I had forgotten all about it and most of the fields near our house had already been picked. Thank goodness there was one in front of Mom's house just waiting to be picked.

The pic of Abby in the pumpkin suit was hand painted by my friend Monica. I worked with her at the CU and she had made her little girl one and offered to make my girls a suit. Of course I was thrilled~she did a fantastic job!! Anna Grace has one also, but everytime she wears it she has an accident in it :( Not sure what the problem is, but that is the reason she isn't in the pic!! **Maybe it won't take so long for my next post! Until then.............